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Overview 2014
Licensee dialling code territory:

All Licensees may only operate in a specified dialling code, permission needs to obtained from the Licensor if an enquiry comes in from outside the dialling code.
Territories unavailable currently as of 2014: 011 Johannesburg, 021 Cape Town, 031 Durban, 043 East London, 041 Port Elizabeth

Licensing cost overview: Portable pedestrian flooring

Licensee to collect / return flooring – JHB (transport & installation is excluded)
Surplus flooring can be rented in per event / week at the rental price of R40/m² less 50%
A cleaning fee of R4/m² excl vat will be levied on dirty floors returned
Licensee to insure stock at replacement cost (new installed replacement value) R600/m² excl vat
Damaged tile replacement cost at R33.33 each excl vat
Transportation: Pre-packed pallets of 1m x 1m of 65m²
Weight of flooring per pallet 325kg
On & off load by ½ ton fork lift
Packaging: all floors are packed on 1m x 1m 1-way pallets (4 x top planks 100mm x 18mm & 3 x 760x 380mm base planks)
all floors are kept in position with a top sheet
all floors strapped onto pallet with 2 x (20mm ½ ton ratchets)

Laying times:

Equipment needed: Installation: trolley jacks (used on the floor), turn table trolleys (on lawn, sand & on floor) & mallets
Dismantle: trolley jacks (used on the floor), turn table trolleys (on lawn, sand & on floor), mallets & broom sticks
Standard issue for crew: broom stick 1.5m long, mallet & 3mm flat screw driver
1 trained crewmember can install 300m² per hour after load-in
1 trained crewmember can uninstall 200m² per hour


Equipment supplied: 1 x rotary scrub machine, 1 x high pressure cleaner, 1 x low pressure water source
1 x rotary disk machine uses 1 x green pad to clean 50m²
to clean 50m² on average 45 – 60min, depend on how dirty the floor is
Flooring to be provided:
Flooring that is provided for the licensing is available from the Johannesburg warehouse
4 ton powder coated bevelled edging: is available at R400/m excl vat, outright purchase to be used as wheelchair & truck ramps
Additional information is available on request:

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Contact Martin van Wyk for more information:
031 579 5237
083 233 5817