Ecological Ice Rinks

From hockey professionals, they all have surrendered to the unique skating surface quality of our patented product.
Portable Floors Ecological Ice has attracted the minds and hearts of professionals because of its best glide factor and the best stopping and edge control.

Ice Hockey is a transition game. Abrupt stopping and changing directions are keys to a players success. Figure Skating demands absolute perfection and
it is key to success for athletes to be able to practice under real conditions. Portable Floors Ecological Ice has been engineered to respond accordingly to
conventional ice. Our molecular structure density specially ensures durability for many years of heavy duty training and competitions.

That’s what makes Portable Floors Ecological Ice the best solution for replicating real ice conditions with the benefits of great savings in time, money and energy.

  1. The best gliding and stability level up to date
  2. Great capability to do all kinds of brakes, turns and jumps, allowing a perfect agronomy
  3. Only 1 hour set up time for a 50 m²/538 Ft². rink
    (2 days required for the same size artificial ice rink)
  4. No energy spending which benefits your business and the planet
  5. Fits any surface because of its weight and simple montage
  6. Can be used 365 days a year no matter the climate conditions
  7. Reduces the risk of injuries thanks to its components and the level of impact absorption
  8. Always maintains a 90% gliding level (with basic maintenance conditions)
  9. 10 years warranty